Credits to you all

We live in the general competitive capitalist society where is a predominance of a ‘Copy Right’ attitude where ideas, knowledge and contacts are fiercely guarded, not shared.

We at ecokit are taking the other, idealistic ‘make the world a better place by building it better’ path, – at its’ best this is a trusting and cooperative community who freely share their research, experiences and knowledge in the understanding that we will all benefit.

It is with this attitude that many people & organisations have contributed their time and energy to making this project reality and possible and we thank them here:

We would like to say thank you to following photographers / bloggers / other artists who’s awesome work has been used throughout this website and for our printed materials:

website imagery / / Agnieszka Gulczyńska Fotografia

our awesome logo and all graphic design collateral / Jay Holtham

research on building materials / Bull Street Terraces Project