Credits to you all

We live in the general competitive capitalist society where is a predominance of a ‘Copy Right’ attitude where ideas, knowledge and contacts are fiercely guarded, not shared.

We at ecokit are taking the other, idealistic ‘make the world a better place by building it better’ path, – at its’ best this is a trusting and cooperative community who freely share their research, experiences and knowledge in the understanding that we will all benefit.

It is with this attitude that many people & organisations have contributed their time and energy to making this project reality and possible and we thank them here.

We would like to say thank you to following photographers / bloggers / other artists who’s awesome work has been used throughout this website and for our printed materials:

website imagery / / Agnieszka Gulczyńska Fotografia

our awesome logo and all graphic design collateral / Jay Holtham

research on building materials / Bull Street Terraces Project

Many thanks to all our crowdfunding supporters:

Helen & Gary, Brian Baulch, Xavier Sere, Clarence Lowe, Hana Velebilová, Catharina Corman, Michael Quicke & Sally Blain, Kathryn Langford, Jennifer MilesGayle Spicer, Christopher McKenna, Andrew Murphy, Clarence Lowe, Shaniqua Walker, Greg Lomas, Alan Livshin, Marie Brzybohata, Larry Kirkpatrick, Nick Forte, Gail Brennan, Landen Wee Thai Koh, Geoffrey Peters, Suburban Lifestyler (NZ) Ltd, Jan Pardy, Jessie Kiley, Greg Lomas, Jason Rodwell, Lucy Beresford, Katherine Sri, Sandra van Den Berg, Robert Power, Marianne and Tom Bohdan, Timothy Smith, Ivana Novotna, Louise Dow, Christina Garms, Olivier Kapetanakos, Erik Cobb, Charley Dunn, Pavla Novotná, Jason Holtham

You are all legends, guys!