Designs & plans

Ecokit home will last you a lifetime. It has been designed to adapt to your changing lifestyle as you grow older. Your new home will be a place you can be comfortable in for the rest of your life, no matter your age, stage or ability.

Ecokit StartUp // Studio

Ecokit StartUp is a compact ground floor design, well suited for smaller urban lots, mountain retreats, and for nestling into the trees.

The front/back covered porch provides inviting areas to relax, and large glass corner door bring the outside in.

A smart starter home that can be extended to 2 bedroom home at a later stage, when more space is needed.


BEDS / BATHS: studio + 1 bathroom

SIZE: ~50 sqm

PLANS: download plans

STARTING AT: $125.000*

Ecokit StartUp // 2 bedrooms

An extended version of the studio. More space with 2 bedrooms and spacious storage loft.

The ground floor version would suit older people or those with a reduced mobility as there are no stairs to climb and it can also be upgraded to suit a disabled person’s lifestyle without restrictions.


BEDS / BATHS: 2 beds + 1 bathroom

SIZE: ~70 sqm

PLANS: download plans

STARTING AT: $150.000*

Ecokit GrowUp

The flagship ecokit GrowUp is a two storey house, perfect for those looking for a little bit more space.

The unique roof is a classic form that creates a generous two-story interior.

Large windows and sliding glass corner door provide sweeping views and access to the outside.

Large covered porch creates abundant shade and an inviting outdoor space that can be used all year round. Well suited for medium-sized urban lots, rural properties and eco farms.


BEDS / BATHS: 2 bedrooms + 1 bathroom / 1 master + ensuite

SIZE: ~135 sqm

PLANS: download plans

STARTING AT: $160.000*

*We don’t do inclusions

Every kit for ecokit house contains the parts that allow you to build a fully insulated weatherproof shell only, the rest is optional.

Why? Because we want to encourage the use of recycled or locally produced materials. The external membrane can protect the structure up to 3 months. You can source your own roofing, cladding, decking.

We believe this philosophy make ecokit even more sustainable and affordable. And you would like your ecokit to include all the bells & whistles, we can do that , too.

What EVERY ecokit includes:

  • engineered construction system (structurally certified & simple to assemble)
  • super insulation (R>6)
  • smart external & internal membrane
  • windows & doors (timber frame, double glazed as standard)
  • mechanical ventilation with heat recovery

What is OPTIONAL & we can also supply:

  • roofing
  • cladding
  • decking
  • skylights & roof windows
  • solar system / batteries
  • water tanks
  • composting toilets
  • plumbing
  • wiring

What is NOT included:

  • foundations
  • connection to the grid
  • interior fitout & furniture
  • kitchen / bathroom
  • appliances