Unique, just as you are

Designs & plans

The new ecokit home will last you a lifetime. It has been designed to adapt to your changing lifestyle as you grow older. Your new home will be a place you can be comfortable in for the rest of your life, no matter your age, stage or ability.

The ecokit home is designed to be both flexible and easily customized. There are currently two designs of the ecokit home.

The ground floor version would suit older people or those with a reduced mobility as there are no stairs to climb and it can also be upgraded to suit a disabled person’s lifestyle without restrictions.

The flagship two storey house is perfect for those looking for a little bit more space.

Example of ground floor floorplans

Example of first & second storey floorplans

Modular design

Every ecokit house comprises of 4 sections comprising of 600mm wide modules. There is a minimum number of modules requirement however additional modules for each of those section can
be purchased to extend the house to suit your requirements.

The number of additional sections/modules is limited only by your imagination, budget or the size of your land.

The covered porch section comes in 2 versions: with walls on both sides or open to one side (north recommended). There is no insulation included.

The kit includes 4 of those modules, min. of 3 (1800mm) for west facing side and minimum of 1 (600mm) for east facing side.

Unlimited number of those modules can be added.

One side open section with high ceiling / no second floor above. 8 modules (4800mm) included in ‘start up’ version.

Fully enclosed section with second floor. 6 modules (3600mm) included in ‘start up’ version.