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January 2016

By January 31, 2016 August 19th, 2018 No Comments

Happy New Year to all! Hope you’ve had a great summer break, and are well rested and ready for a great year.

We’ve enjoyed our break too, but we’re back on board and excited to finalize the development of the kit and add lots of features and optional add-ons over the coming months.

what was happening in the past few months
We have asked you for your input by completing a quick survey or starting a discussion with us. You have told us and we’ve listened and implemented / updated few details on the plan. The architect is now preparing updated drawings for the engineers who have to approve all those changes and adjust the kit drawings.

We have researched the available building materials, approached the manufacturers and suppliers and negotiated the best prices possible. Now we are researching alternatives to give you more options and choices to suit your lifestyle even more.

We also had a few turmoils – like finding a new manufacturer of the structural elements just before we were ready to produce the prototype. But this unfortunate setback lent itself to a better outcome – just before christmas we have made an agreement with a new manufacturer and now we are finalizing the details and preparing for production of the prototype unit.

coming up
Based on your feedback we have also made another decision – we will not be offering a 3 stages of ecokit – we’ll soon be launching an online price estimation tool to let you select only the parts of the kit you need. This will eliminate paying for parts you don’t require or can source locally for lower price. It will also give you a more choice to customize ecokit as much as possible.

We believe your home should have as much personality as you do – we are all about “live your way”. The selection tool will be published on our website in a couple of weeks!

Until next time!


Camilla & the ecokit team

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