We are turning dreams into plans

Ecokit Development, updates

Apologies for a delayed update. I have just returned from a trip to beautiful Jindabyne, where I was visiting a client who will be the […]

Crowdfunding is on!

Ecokit Development, updates

Things are getting really intense & serious here at ecokit HQ. We are finally moving into the pre-manufacturing phase, currently […]

March – the roller coaster ride

Ecokit Development, updates

March was a very fast paced month full of upheavals not dissimilar to a roller coaster ride. So where are we at?The prototypeThe first […]

Understanding your home’s thermal envelope


Building a new home brings several challenges. Not only you have to think about the size and shape of the building but also how your […]

Sustainability – What is it and why does it matter?


The word “Sustainability” has become a household term in the modern family. We hear about various projects related to sustainability […]

Cheers to Fab-ruary!

Ecokit Development, updates

What a fun month February has been! Thank you. We loved all the love! Started off the month with a bang with sifting through the […]

Keep your home warm and comfy without wasting energy!


The seasonal change in weather is one cause for the increase in the consumption of energy resulting in high power bills. Whether we […]

Invest in 5 crucial eco-friendly solutions for your house


The focus today is not only in bringing down the cost energy but in reducing your carbon footprint and living healthy lives. Having in […]

Break Free in 2017

Ecokit Development, updates

Welcome to a brand new year. 2016 was a year of disruption, the impacts of which will be felt in 2017. 2017 has to be a year of change […]

Update november 2016

Ecokit Development, updates

We are on track for the prototype construction in early 2017, starting with few awesome early supporters. We are currently discussing […]

Update october 2016

Ecokit Development, updates

The past month has been incredibly exciting as we progressed with the engineering of the kit to a new stage and we are working with a […]

Designing a house for someone with autism

Ecokit Development, Lifestyle

Can you imagine every time the bathroom fan buzzed, you became unhinged? Or where getting to the kitchen appliances feels more like a […]

update september 2016


When we sent you our last update, we were slowly releasing an access to our estimation tool to all our subscribers and couple of weeks […]

update august 2016


Time seems like it has raced by since our last update in July. Most likely because I was visiting my family and friends in my home […]

update july 2016


Many of you have followed us through various development stages, when we revealed the concept and ongoing improvements. Others only […]

update june 2016

Ecokit Development, updates

We’ve nearly crossed the six-month mark since the start of 2016 and we are pleased to let you know we are on schedule with the […]

update may 2016

Ecokit Development, updates

Today I am excited to share with you the latest update on ecokit development! Since January, we have focused on finalizing the […]

Passive solar design vs. passive house

blog, Ecokit Development

It is probably because of their similar names that these two ‘passive’ systems often get confused. However, passive solar […]

update april 2016

Ecokit Development, updates

The ecokit house has been originally designed with a traditional construction method in mind because it was originally planned to be […]

update march 2016


Back in October when we launched our website, we set a self imposed target that we  “…will build a prototype house by March […]

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