Healthy, sustainable kit house anyone can build

Ecokit is a DIY, eco-friendly, sustainable kit house that is carefully designed, fast to erect and extremely adaptable.

The concept responds effortlessly to different requirements, whatever they might be. It can be personalized to meet individual tastes and preferences. It can change over time, fitting in with your new lifestyle. The simplicity of the system will support different internal configurations and will allow it to be easily extended either along the length, or doubled-up.

The ecokit can be a small one bedroom home, a family home, a holiday home, a backyard retreat, granny flat, artist’s studio or an office. The possibilities are endless!

Nature – cheaper than therapy

Living environment should be a healthy environment. We have chosen the materials and finishes and designed the heating and ventilation systems to promote healthy living.

We’ve done extensive research to avoid using substances that can off-gas into the living spaces and chosen finishes and treatments that are either low or no VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds). We have made sure as many materials and finishes are natural.

The right amount of everything

Although the ecokit home may appear very small, the design encourages the idea of a “lifestyle home”, where people generally want more living space.

Because of the smart, zoned living environment that allows both privacy and interaction internally the size of each space feels surprisingly generous.

The ecokit home provide a very practical and efficient living area, where the layout has been designed for versatility, adaptability and flexibility.

One of the highest priorities for most home owners is adequate storage, especially in a small house.

Ecokit home offers lots of smart, concealed storage space including a full-sized hanging wardrobes, plenty of kitchen cupboards, a recessed shower room cabinet and high level storage in the living space.

Affordable, cool & fun house for anyone

The initial investment into the starter ecokit home is affordable, which is the original aim behind the concept. However, the basic specification can be greatly enhanced depending on your available budget.

The house can be made to be far more sustainable, intelligent and completely self sufficient.

Because the main structure is designed to be adaptable, there are many features and options that can be easily added at a later date. The original home can also be extended, therefore allowing to be easily extended to suit changing life requirements.

Eco & hi-tech can go hand in hand

The compact nature of the ecokit home means it has smaller footprint on the environment. Each ecokit home achieves very good levels of sustainability, both in construction and in operation.

Although the main house construction and specifications are fixed to ensure it can be as environmentally sustainable as possible, we offer optional add-ons including a variety of renewable energy systems to potentially make it a zero carbon house.

We don’t settle for perfection. We start there.

Prefabricating many of the building components and creating an easy to assemble kit not only reduces waste but also maximizes the quality of construction.

We have been extremely picky with the choice of materials and components with a real focus on quality over cost. Each element of the house has been carefully considered and has been chosen for its suitability, sustainability and durability.

Freedom tastes better when you’ve helped to create it

The prefabricated engineered timber frame that form the house structure allow the building to be erected very quickly, without the need for a crane. The foundations can take only 1 day depending on the quality of the soil. The typical construction period of the frame is one week when done by 2 people, and the building can be water tight in another week. Service connections are carried out after the main building is at a lock up stage.

The system also allows the home to be built in stages, according to your timeline & budget. The kit is divided into segments that can be delivered at once or separately, one by one. Ideal for that “weekends only over the summer” project!

Your path to freedom smoother with no obstacles

Ecokit home complies with the Building Code of Australia (BCA) and so gaining planning permission for your new home should run smoothly and successfully.

We are happy to adjust your ecokit home to comply also with your local council’s requirements. Ecokit’s design, construction and sustainability credentials will appeal to the planners and it should find favor over and above the standard proposal.


Sometimes it’s the smallest decisions that can change your life forever.

Ecokit is at a testing stage, currently preparing the construction of our prototype.
The release of the kit to the market is planned for early 2018.

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