The end of year is inevitably upon us again. On one side, it seems like “Where did the year go?”, on the other hand, looking back at each of the last 12 months, it was a year of great achievements.

Meeting great people along the way and hearing their stories has been the highlight. I would like to wholeheartedly thank everyone who supported us, helped in any way, advised, encouraged and shared their knowledge or even just listened. It all counts and it is amazing to be surrounded by such people and a selfless community.

November & December were pivotal months for ecokit’s development and perhaps the most exciting months to date. We’ve fabricated and assembled more modules, which was the ultimate test before giving the green light to the start of manufacturing our VERY FIRST ecokit home! In fact, two of those! It feels amazing!

We made a short video with some highlights from the testing.

What we’ve been up to
The last couple of months were very busy. The fabrication setup and testing was part of it but we have also prepared proposals for other project, including a multi unit development for an eco tourist accommodation! (more on this in January!)

We have also started developing a virtual reality (VR) models that allows you to walk through your house before it’s even build!

Tested during two great events, the NewCo festival in Melbourne and the Pivot Summit in Geelong last month, we had 30+ visitors experiencing our prototype and the feedback was more than positive!

We will keep refining the models and plan to utilize this innovative technology to further simplify the design and selection process. Exciting times ahead!

What’s next
While the prototype is being manufactured, there are still plenty loose ends to tie up – finalizing the rest of the design with the tiniest little details, for example.

Integrating the solar system with batteries, water tanks with rain water collection system, planning the internal fitout and much more…

A big thank you
2017 was a big year. A huge one. If you have been following our journey for a while, you already know what a roller coaster ride we're on. But we love every minute of it. Click To Tweet

The whole team & our partners from Vesper Frames worked very hard to realize this concept, make it real. We are very close to the physical product now and I cannot wait to start the assembly and watch the first ecokit standing proud in its whole glory… Thank you all for believing in this project and all your support throughout the year.


About Camilla

My enthusiasm for changing lifestyles, determination to change the world, devotion to a positive change of any kind, love of innovative ideas and desire to always push the boundaries organically came together eventually - and so ecokit was born. Now I am proud to be doing what I enjoy and love - helping people to fulfill their dreams of living in a healthy, happy home.

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