Ecokit news are back! You might have noticed there was no update last month, we are soooo busy! Ehm… my dog ate it. Really 🙂

Over the past 2 months, we have been setting up the production of our ecokit prototype, developing the business with the support of the Runway Geelong accelerator, networking and creating strategic partnerships and much much more.

So what is happening?
The prototype manufacturing is all set up and we are ready to pull the plug. Preparing contracts for the sale has delayed us a little but we have just received the Development Application (DA) and work is ready to start on preparing the site services and slab pouring.

We are now also working on the Construction Certificate / Building Permit application, so exciting!

There is also a lot of work behind the scenes such as communication with all potential clients, working with them on their specifications and preparing pricing proposals & contracts.

We have also updated the pricing tool and we would like to invite you to visit our website and estimate the cost of the ecokit home, depending on your selected size and finishes. We welcome any feedback.

We now have buyers for 12 units which means our capacity for next year is 50% fullfilled!!!

If you are interested in getting your ecokit in 2018, please visit our website for more details, updated pricing and to book in a consultation with us.

Want to know more about ecokit?

Visit us during the NewCo Festival in Melbourne on November 22 – 23. I’ll be talking about the story behind ecokit, our choices of materials and what we really see behind the word SUSTAINABILITY.

More details on the program will be released on our social media as we are preparing many interactive & fun activities! Everyone is welcome!

Enjoy the spring!


About Camilla

My enthusiasm for changing lifestyles, determination to change the world, devotion to a positive change of any kind, love of innovative ideas and desire to always push the boundaries organically came together eventually - and so ecokit was born.Now I am proud to be doing what I enjoy and love - helping people to fulfill their dreams of living in a healthy, happy home.

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