So much has been happening in the last couple of months!

We are overwhelmed with interest. Currently we are tirelessly working with our clients on the delivery of the first 20 units in 2018!

Planning is the key
Building a house is a complex task but the planning stage is the crucial time when the success of the overall project is determined. It is time consuming and involves dozens of people that need to communicate and work together to achieve the expected outcome.

We are new in this field and we are not afraid to admit that. It takes us longer to figure out what to do next because it’s our first time. But I have to say the support we receive is so inspirational and uplifting, the odd grey day is quickly forgotten. Thank you!

So where are we at with the prototype?
Yes, we were supposed to be building by now. There were and certainly still will be delays. The legal contracts took longer than we expected. The Building Permit application is more complex than anticipated because we need information from various service providers. The construction of the prototype won’t start until next year. Although we can’t wait to be on the site assembling the kit, we have to follow certain rules and keep planning. What does that mean for you? You will get BETTER product and FASTER services because we are learning and improving our processes every day.

Our plan from the start was to manufacture ecokit here in Victoria. We talked to potential partners but there seems to be lack of skills in the engineered timber advanced manufacturing space, so our main hub has been set up in the heart of Europe, the Czech Republic. We have partnered with Vesper Frames, our main supplier of ecokit for the next year or until we will be able to set up our own manufacturing space in Australia.

Vesper Frames are specialist in their field, designing and manufacturing bespoke timber homes all over Europe. One of their projects is the Manshausen Island huts in Norway but there are plenty of awesome homes expertly crafted by those guys. We are in good hands!

The plans for establishing the manufacturing in Australia are still underway, preparing the setup and creating strategic partnerships.

What is on the cards for the future?
We have just started to plan another display home, this time a bit closer to Melbourne. Discussions are under way with a potential client with a site at the Mornington Peninsula. It’s just an early stage but we are keen to exceed the clients’ expectations!

Connect with us
From the start, the communication with our supporters was my priority. I believe we have to listen to our customers so we can deliver a product the market needs. I think we are achieving that and I am proud to say ecokit has been a collective work of a large team (over 5000 supporters on our mail list!) and I do appreciate all your comments, words of wisdom, shared dreams and plans and also the constructive criticism. We wouldn’t be where we are at without you.

We are now planning a couple of live events so we can engage with our supporters even more. There’s the talk during the NewCo festival in Melbourne on November 23rd, we will be also part of the Pivot Summit in early December and we are talking to organizers of the Sustainable Living Festival to feature ecokit during the event in February next year.

I will be also talking to the guys at the Pulse Radio 94.7 on November 1st (that’s tomorrow!!!) so tune in at 11am for the Sustainable Hour.


About Camilla

My enthusiasm for changing lifestyles, determination to change the world, devotion to a positive change of any kind, love of innovative ideas and desire to always push the boundaries organically came together eventually - and so ecokit was born.Now I am proud to be doing what I enjoy and love - helping people to fulfill their dreams of living in a healthy, happy home.

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