No surprises, just quality.

Ecokit Group is a manufacturer of high performance engineered construction system for the construction industry. Structures utilising our ecokit system are completed in about 60% of the time compared to traditional building methods.

Our wall, roof and floor panels have excellent thermal properties, with an R-value close to 7 (the minimum required is from 2.8 for walls to 4.1 to roofs).

The ecokit engineered construction system is effortless. There’s no heavy lifting and no cranes required, as most components can be safely lifted by a couple of workers.

We eliminate the pain of typical construction with curated options, straightforward pricing and a rapid build.

Every good story has to start somewhere

Ecokit was born out of a frustration with the status quo. It started in 2015 as an idea for a simple, compact structure that would be comfortable, well insulated and built out of non toxic materials. It was not a commercial venue at that point either, only a one off design for our founder, Camilla.

The concept of a small DIY eco house was born as an alternative solution to dwellings that could be easily built by an inexperienced owner builder and on a much lower budget than the standard Australian home.

A few criteria were paramount during the planning & design phase: The simplicity of the build, the materials and the affordability. Another focus was on the functionality and how the house was to adapt to different stages of the occupant’s life.

It always seems impossible… until it’s done

After releasing the concept of ecokit into the virtual network, a lot of feedback has been received. Working with the community encouraged us to continue with further development.

Lack of knowledge in Australia and more extensive uptake of prefab, modular buildings and advanced materials such as engineered timber in Europe inspired Camilla to start searching for an engineering company in her mother country of Czech Republic, to help her with a design for a kit home that was modern, energy efficient, healthy and sustainable.

Working together on the modular design of ecokit with building designer Jesse, the team reached out to Vesper Frames, an engineering firm with an appreciation for innovation, quality and the concept of self-assembly.

We started it but you will define it

The first ecokit house went finally into production in early 2018. We are excited by, and proud of, what we have achieved and keen on providing an affordable, accessible, organic home that connects the concept of comfort and coziness with the functionality of a modern, ecological, elegant home for people who need it.

We are looking forward to your feedback, advice and constructive criticism. Because we aim to change the way people think about their houses, with homes that enrich and simplify our lives.

Join us in designing a new future, with quality, energy efficient, comfortable and healthy homes that inspire.

The team behind ecokit

Ecokit is first and foremost the story of talented people coming together and working on a common vision. We aim not only to design the best product but also to create a great company. We have set to create a community that shares more than just work projects, because everyone’s fulfillment is essential to us and creativity isn’t always born behind a desk.

Camilla Novotna


Pavla Novotna


Anna Callan

Customer care & sales

Jay Holtham

Graphic Designer

Be part of the revolution

Ecokit is a young, innovative company that has designed a modular construction system for high performance, energy efficient homes. Our designs and construction system has the potential to disrupt the Australian building industry and we are looking for outgoing and passionate people who share our vision to provide energy efficient homes for everyone. 

Due to rapid growth and expansion within the company, we have multiple opportunities for New Home Sales Consultants to handle the ever-increasing sales enquiries, with locations spanning across Australia.

The successful candidate will have industry experience, be a proven closer and demonstrate excellent customer care skills. 

As this is a green-fields opportunity you must be prepared to build strong long-term relationships by adding value to the customer’s vision and taking them on the ecokit journey. You should be a creative thinker, be solution driven, and able to meet sales targets. 

This role will suit a proactive, self-motivated person able to work autonomously in the best interests of the customer and the business. 

The key responsibilities include:

  • Dealing with prospective clients (face to face & remotely)
    • Educating them on the benefits of building an energy efficient home
    • Introducing them to the ecokit solution
    • Handling all objections and queries, and
    • Closing the deal 
  • Keeping the CRM and Sales tracking software up-to-date
  • Become an expert in energy efficient homes and modular building practices as they relate to ecokit
  • Maintaining an up-to-date knowledge of planning and building processes

To be successful in this role the successful candidate will also need to have/develop;

  • Outstanding customer service
  • Excellent presentation skills
  • A natural ability to  build rapport
  • The ability to prioritize your workload
  • Good computer literacy
  • Be flexible regarding your availability
  • Be able to work autonomously, and
  • Be motivated and enthusiastic about energy efficient, healthy homes

In return ecokit offer:

  • Structured, regular weekly training & support sessions
  • Training in energy efficient and healthy home building design and modular building practices
  • The opportunity to be a leader within the Australian building industry for energy efficient and healthy homes 
  • This opportunity is commission based with uncapped earning potential
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We are looking for a superstar who loves to be creative yet technical and wants to come in and get their hands dirty assisting in building exciting new brand.

Ecokit. Aiming to disrupt the construction industry by innovating the way people design, purchase and build quality, energy efficient homes. We think like a startup but act like an empire. We are innovative, courageous and hungry! We balance our products with service creating a holistic offering for our customers and clients.

We aim to change the way people think about their houses, with healthy, comfortable homes that enrich our lives and we strive to make their journey towards one easier and smoother. 

To become part of one of Australia’s hottest start-ups in 2020. You will join an amazing, young, entrepreneurial, innovative and fast growing business with big potential.

Within this role, you will be primarily responsible for the coordination of supporting documentation and the documenting and delivery of working drawings for client jobs. 

The key responsibilities include:

  • Creation of concept plans
  • Creation of preliminary and working drawings including construction details
  • Liaising with internal stakeholders including consultants and estimators
  • Prioritising and delivery of conflicting deadlines and deliverables
  • Other tasks/responsibilities as directed

To be considered for this role you are required to have a demonstrated ability in the following skills and attributes:

  • Demonstrate a understanding of AutoCAD and Revit
  • Ability to read and interpret surveys and engineering work drawings, soil reports and specifications
  • Good understanding or interest of modern construction methods
  • Strong attention to detail along with good organisation and time management skills
  • High level of communication skills, both oral and written

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