Break Free in 2017

By January 30, 2017 August 19th, 2018 6 Comments

Welcome to a brand new year. 2016 was a year of disruption, the impacts of which will be felt in 2017. 2017 has to be a year of change to buffer these impacts. Let’s hope for a change for better, for our environment, our relationships, our lives…

Hope is a powerful thing but often it is not enough. We all have the power to change things we never thought were possible to change – we only have to start.

Many of you, our followers and supporters, have started your little steps already. You have a plan to live in a healthy home. You are intrigued to build your own home to test your own skills, capabilities and endurance. You might intent to go off the grid, to become more independent and not to be reliable on precious natural resources that are not renewable.

You all have your own plan. And we are here to help you realizing it. Our journey developing ecokit has been a long process but finally we are at the stage where we can look back on what has been achieved and feel proud. We have the product!

However selling something without testing it beforehand would be irresponsible and could lead to disasters. That’s why we are now in the final stage – the construction of our first ecokit home. All the planning has been underway for the last couple of months in 2016 and now we are getting closer to the actual construction.

Apart from the prototype construction we are still looking for new products and suppliers who would add value to ecokit home and more importantly, we are getting ready to engage with those early adopters who have their heart set on ecokit home, as we want to help create the best version of ecokit home for everyone.

Because the manufacturing will be limited from the start, we would like to ask you to let us know when would you like to start building – please indicate the month when you would like to RECEIVE your kit. We will create a list and will contact you to discuss the details with you based on your proposed time of construction. This process is still no obligation to purchase, only to indicate your interest. Thank you.

We appreciate your early interest in ecokit and we’re confident that our final product will be of an exceptional value that will help you to live your way.


  • AvatarSharon Tredrea says:

    I am interested in the kit for one or two B&B’s my niece and I wish to create in Apollo Bay Victoria

  • AvatarRobert Ramsdell says:

    Hi,luv the concept, looking to downsize, off the grid,around towonga area looking at mt bogon,in the keiwa valley, have around $200,000 to spend on a build, for years been buying sanctuary mag”s and others,its frustrating reading because of the over inflated pricing, 80%of population can’t afford, your ideas are refreshing thank you

    • CamillaCamilla says:

      Hi Robert,

      thank you for your kind words. We are doing our best to keep it affordable as we are aware of the housing situation in Australia nowadays. Please follow us for more details on the project and the release day of the kit – it’s getting closer! Yay! Camilla

  • AvatarErin D says:

    Hi Camilla and team.
    I can’t believe I’ve only found Ecokit now!
    My husband and I recently relocated our entire family from metro Melbourne to regional SW Victoria; with the hope of building our own contemporary family home, preferably off-grid and passive. I’m excited and eager to see what Ecokit delivers in the very near future.
    Your product will make it far more easier and realistic, for those of us who wish to be more self sufficient and sustainable – particularly with you doing the hard yards, researching eco products and emerging technology. We personally have spent half a decade planning what our build needs to have and include.
    I’ve signed up for regular update. But if you’re keen to contact individuals who are willing to be ‘early adopters’, we’d love to hear directly from you. Our preferred time frame is dependent on several variables, most importantly overall constructions costs.
    Lastly – I love your willingness and courage to try new and emerging technology. Particularly the integrated solar roof tiles!

  • AvatarAndrew EB says:

    Hello Camilla,

    Hoping to have a dwelling erected by spring/summer (preferably an Ecokit) I’m very excited about the idea of having an off grid home and possibly even heated and cooled by the earth via geothermal. Look forward to the update!

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