August 2016

Time seems like it has raced by since our last update in July. Most likely because I was visiting my family and friends in my home country, Czech Republic and took...
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July 2016

Many of you have followed us through various development stages, when we revealed the concept and ongoing improvements. Others only just starting following us in the last few weeks and...
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June 2016

We've nearly crossed the six-month mark since the start of 2016 and we are pleased to let you know we are on schedule with the development and our target to...
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May 2016

Today I am excited to share with you the latest update on ecokit development! Since January, we have focused on finalizing the engineering of the kit - and we have...
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April 2016

The ecokit house has been originally designed with a traditional construction method in mind because it was originally planned to be only a one-off house. But with the growing positive...
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March 2016

Back in October when we launched our website, we set a self imposed target that we  “...will build a prototype house by March 2016”. Whilst we have made enormous progress this year,...
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February 2016

In October last year, we unveiled ecokit concept to the world - more than a year after the project began. Since launching, more than 1,000 of you have been interested in our work with an...
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January 2016

Happy New Year to all! Hope you've had a great summer break, and are well rested and ready for a great year. We've enjoyed our break too, but we're back...
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