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Things are getting really intense & serious here at ecokit HQ. We are finally moving into the pre-manufacturing phase, currently negotiating with material suppliers the best prices possible and working with 2 potential manufacturers on the manufacturing deal.

This week I took part in a business bootcamp provided by Runway Geelong. It was an amazing experience, collaborating with industry professionals as well as other start up founders. The program was very full on and I have gained many insights into the project and also learned a lot about our potential customers.

I would like to thank everyone who was part of my research and gave me all the answers to my questions regarding ecokit. Big thanks also to those who confirmed their intentions to purchase an ecokit.

Currently we have 6 confirmed clients on a waiting list and if you are serious about purchasing your ecokit for delivery in early 2018, please visit our crowdfunding campaign & secure yourself an ecokit today! Link below.

The prototype
We have been very lucky to stumble upon a client with values aligned to those we represent at ecokit, interested in supporting us & investing in the prototype. We are still in the planning process, identifying┬áthe most suitable & energy efficient features but I can reveal already it will be the best example of ecokit house, with many additional features. It will be fully autonomous (off-grid) house, and the best part of it is – once completed it will be available for a short stay. So not only you will be able to visit the showhome, we will let you stay overnight and experience ecokit and all its features.

The manufacturing
I am planning a visit to both manufacturing plants during May or early in June, to tour the premises and strengthen our professional relationships. I will be posting updates on our Facebook page, so please follow us for up-to-date info!

Crowd funding campaign is now LIVE!
We’ve been working for the last 3 years to get us to where we are today. We designed the house, developed a new construction system, partly completed our architectural and construction drawings, made the best deals with material suppliers and have a client backing the project and investing into the prototype house.

We are now in the middle of a big capital raise push. Don’t forget, we’re doing this from the ground up and we aren’t underwritten by anyone but our friends, family and YOU. Once we finish raising money, we’ll start the construction and flip the switch on manufacturing of the kit.

Any amount donated will be appreciated, and all funds received will be used for certification of the product for BCA compliance & finishing off the documentation, so we can release the product to the market. Cheers!

Thank you!

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  • Avatarjoan good says:

    I am in a transition period. My current home is nearly ready to go on the market. I am looking at a block of land close to the township. I would like to build two buildings on the site. 3 bedroom open plan and of course environmental friendly. Solar energy including panels and passive. A little privacy between the two would be great.

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