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An ecokit home will last you a lifetime. It has been designed to adapt to your changing lifestyle as you grow older. Your new home will be a place you can be comfortable in for the rest of your life, no matter your age, stage or ability.

Modern architecture made simple

Homes built with our ecokit construction system are eco-friendly, sustainable, carefully designed, fast to erect and extremely adaptable.

Ecokit can be a small one bedroom home, a family home, a holiday home, a backyard retreat, granny flat, artist’s studio or an office. The possibilities are endless!

The concept responds effortlessly to different requirements, whatever they might be. It can be personalised to meet individual tastes and preferences. It can change over time, fitting in with your new lifestyle.

The simplicity of the system will support different internal configurations and will allow it to be easily extended either along the length, or doubled-up.

Our Designs

Designed with your future in mind.


Too cool to live at home, but not quite ready to leave the nest. Teenagers and young adults will love Breakout! This backyard studio allows them to create a space of their own to spread out and chill with friends.


The confidence to live independently with the assurance of family nearby… Live life on your terms. With no stairs, the Independence Studio is suitable for family members of all ages and mobilities who choose to live independently within an extended home environment.

backyard granny flat cottage - ecokit


Creatives… Breathe in the energy of the Expression Studio and allow your creative juices flow. Beautiful to the eye, exhilarating to the soul. The Expression Studio is ideal for freelancers and artists who crave the freedom to work from a home studio in their own way, on their own terms.


Have the freedom to build a healthy life on your terms. Our Freedom 2 bedroom house is an ideal starter home for young couples to start their life journey together.


Embrace comfort and style in between life’s big adventures. The ecokit Embrace model has been designed for those who are living a life full of adventures, be it a running own business, climbing the corporate ladder or travelling the world.

City dwellers will fall in love with our 2 bedroom Tranquility model as a space to melt away stress and recharge the batteries.


Stress management is only an ecokit holiday home away! City dwellers will fall in love with our 2 bedroom Tranquility model as a space to melt away stress and recharge the batteries.


Serendipity has been carefully crafted to maximise the functional areas in the compact home. Natural light streams through thermally efficient glazing, highlighting a contemporary, open plan interior. The two storey design maximises space and allows a growing family the best of both worlds… privacy & connection.

ecokit - custom modular homes


Eco-friendly never looked so good! The Ambience model will speak to mature couples who are seeking a hi-spec, low maintenance home that embodies their social lifestyle to a tee. It’s a home to be proud of. A home that will spark conversation and promote change.


This low-maintenance home is a compact three bedroom home that only gets better with age. So you can focus on living in it, not maintaining it…

ecokit - custom modular homes


Vibrance provides the perfect balance of a high tech, energy efficient home and traditional, low maintenance materials throughout the home. Easily broken into separate living and bedroom wings, this design is very flexible.


Perfect for families who value sustainability and energy efficiency, for those who want to leave behind a zero footprint and remove themselves from the grid as much as possible.

Custom homes

Tailor-made designs & endless configurations

The concepts above have been created to give you an idea what can be done with ecokit construction system. What if you really like one of them but it might not suit your site? Or perhaps you are after something specific?

The unique construction system we have developed is versatile and flexible and the components developed for our models can be used for an endless number of configurations. Have a chat to us and find out what we can do specifically for you. The first consultation is free!

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What makes us different?

Our vision is to eliminate the pain of typical construction with curated options, straightforward pricing and a rapid build.

We obsess over high-quality, low-maintenance details throughout, to make living in your ecokit home a joy.

The construction system

Ecokit is a prefabricated construction system designed for fast, on-site assembly. It is based on modularity of functional and complete spaces and precise industrial prefabrication.

Healthy & sustainable

Ecokit uses only natural, recyclable or low VOC materials. The structural system is fabricated out of LVL beams and plywood sheets, with formaldehyde-free glues.

Plan now, build in stages

The modularity of the ecokit system allows you to start with a smaller dwelling and extend it seamlessly later. The smart integration of electrical & plumbing systems allow the dwelling to be expanded or changed over time without major renovations, following the evolution of the need for use.

Resilient design

Ecokit has a specific shape for ‘resilient design’ – a new take on a house that is resistant to or minimises the effects of upcoming climate change & unpredictable weather patterns.

We don't force any inclusions on you

Every kit for an ecokit house contains the parts that allow you to build a fully insulated weatherproof shell only, the rest is optional.

Why? Because we want to encourage the use of recycled or locally produced materials. The external membrane can protect the structure up to 3 months. You can source your own roofing, cladding, decking. We believe this philosophy makes ecokit even more sustainable and affordable. And if you would like your ecokit to include all the bells & whistles, we can do that, too.

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