Ecokit revolutionises residential building industry with versatile and sustainable DIY kit home

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ecokit: high tech prefab houses


Camilla Novotna


19th May 2017

Cutting-edge innovation and surprising versatility are set to change the face of Australia’s home construction industry forever.

Melbourne-based start-up Ecokit has designed the perfect combination of a comfortable and elegant, yet functional sustainable home with the option of creating a zero energy house.

The eco-friendly kit house can be easily erected by owner-builders or any professional builder. An Indogiego crowdfunding campaign with a goal of $65,000 was launched early in May to move Ecokit from the concept stage to the building of its first prototype.

Founder and Director Camilla Novotna’s passion for challenging the status quo is obvious. ‘I have always been determined to change the world by making positive changes, using innovation and pushing the boundaries.’

Frustrated with the lack of quality of housing in Australia, she seized the opportunity to design an eco-friendly home which boasts ultra-thick non-toxic insulation, made of 80% recycled glass, thermally efficient double glazing and quality timbers. After extensive research, non-toxic and low VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) materials were chosen to create a healthy chemical-free home environment.

An airtight building envelope − coupled with an innovative wall system − have resulted in optimum thermal efficiency to ensure you’re cosy in winter and cool in summer. The roof system utilises the revolutionary Tractile panels, the world’s first integrated solar roof tile generating both electricity and hot water from a single unit. Each home is finished off with a spacious deck to facilitate for enjoying the outdoors all year round.

The modular construction kit home comprises a portal frame and insulated panels which can be easily assembled with 2–4 people, without the need for a crane and in record time. Additional modules can be purchased to create the house of your dreams — without breaking the budget.

Currently available in two floor plans, the ground floor option and the double-story version, each Ecokit home can be fully customised to suit clients’ unique needs.

‘Live Your Way’ is Ecokit’s well-chosen motto to indicate that people have the freedom to design the house to suit their unique lifestyle and build the house their way. Another great feature is the ‘no inclusion’ option, enabling clients to only purchase the structural part and finish it off with their choice of materials.

Ecokit has successfully designed a contemporary DIY home that makes building the perfect house fun and easy while opening the door to a beautiful sustainable house which offers the highest levels of comfort and the lowest possible bills so you can live your way.

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