Nature has grounded us and as a result it is the best time to think, reconsider and plan ahead.

As we are just discovering, life is not always a ray of sunshine and the forecast is still for some cloudy days ahead. In 2008, we experienced the Financial Crisis, now we are all talking about the Coronavirus and it’s almost certain that something else unexpected will occur in the future.. During every downturn in the economy, our minds are overwhelmed by fear, anxiety and uncertainty. We all ask the same questions: “How am I going to pay my bills? Will I make enough money? What will happen next?” And the answers to these questions are rarely positive.

Every one of us is in a unique situation but national statistics by the describes clearly that on average we spend 29% of our income on housing, 16% on food, 14% on medical care, 14% on transport and 12% on communication. The rest are minor expenditures but these are the critical items.

The crisis is here to test our readiness
The restrictions are tightening, and more safety measures are expected to come. Only essential businesses are allowed to operate, people can’t leave their homes, most of us are not able to work, many have lost jobs… And no one knows how long this situation will last. One thing is for certain the bills will keep coming and they will have to be paid eventually. Are you getting goosebumps already?

Perhaps the global economy will survive this crisis and life will go on. It always does. But how much will it impact your personal life? There are various scenarios ranging from not-at-all to ending-up-on-the-street or getting-divorced-and-losing-everything. The only remedy is to start working on your independence right now. 

As we are all practising social distancing, we now have more time to think. Thinking about the future should be a part of our everyday existence and even better, we should be writing stuff down before it diminishes  and is forgotten, which often happens with the first signs of a crisis ending… We here at ecokit can’t help you with your employment or grocery shopping, but we can help you with 30% of your monthly bills and in the end, we’ll add a few positive vibes as well!

Smart house, low cost future
Expenditures such as a gym subscription or travelling costs can be cut down almost immediately, but they are only a fraction of the cost of our living expenses. Cutting 30% of your total expenses on housing can make a huge difference to your stress levels and lifestyle.

The house you build should be as independent on energy prices as possible. Using solar energy, recycling water and building energy-efficiency structures are key factors here. Without it, utility bills will keep coming and you will have no control over their costs, forever depending on the mercy of big energy companies. Also, a well-designed house will always do well if and when you need to sell, with a solid return on investment.

Guard your good mood
And now to put you in an even better mood… If you invest in building your house from materials that have low VOCs and do not poison your home with nasty chemicals, a time in quarantine doesn’t have to make you grumpy and tired, as some people are currently finding out. Your mind will stay fresh and your body healthy, which means a better life for you and the whole family. And on top of that, the sustainable materials will add a few points to your karma!

The first steps towards stress-free future
What are we trying  to say? If you prefer safety and certainty, aim for building a smart, modern house. We can offer you a house that is both energy-efficient and healthy, why not start dreaming and planning now. 

Even in tough times when the outside world is shaking, there are things that can be done to get the ball rolling and the process underway. An ecokit house is a safe haven, you can have your own veggie patch and chickens too! Take control of your own destiny, go off-grid and be completely self-sufficient, that way when the next crisis occurs you won’t be surprised or unprepared. 


About Matyas

Happiness comes when you get out of your comfort zone. That's why I am passionate about travelling. And while travelling, I found two things; that we must seriously protect nature and that one simply needs a place he can call home. Combine those two statements and you will understand why I choose to be part of a company innovating the way we live, trying to communicate the importance of our mission with the whole world.

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