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House construction as we know it hasn’t changed significantly over the past few centuries. In the last 50 years we have seen technology completely transform our lives. So, why in the age of easy access to amazing innovations & ideas, are we not using today’s technology to make homes better?

We have decided to challenge the way houses are being built. We realised there is an opportunity not only to create a very energy efficient house but also an easy to assemble one, allowing much shorter construction time.

Compact yet versatile

An energy efficient house starts with a compact plan. The less space you have to cool or heat, the less energy you use. And energy you don’t have to use means energy that does not have to be produced.

Not everyone needs a 4 bedroom house to start with. Our engineered construction system allows you to start with a studio and add additional bedrooms when you need them, without major renovations. And downsizing is just as easy!

One size does not fit all

One size does not fit all. Land sizes vary and so do people’s requirements. That’s why we have designed ecokit in 2 versions. StartUp is a ground floor house and GrowUp is a double storey house.

And for more architecturally advanced projects, we can also combine them together!

We don’t compromise on 'eco'

A living environment should be a healthy environment. We have chosen the materials and designed the heating and ventilation systems to promote healthy living.

We’ve done extensive research to avoid using substances that can off-gas into the living spaces. We’ve chosen finishes and treatments that are either low or no VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds). We have also made sure as many materials and finishes are natural.

The structure

Structural intelligence

Under the skin of every ecokit home is our engineered construction system, consisting of various digitally manufactured components.

Every component is cut with millimeter precision which guarantees a consistently high standard of quality and performance, whilst allowing the assembly to be done by anyone without any construction skills or previous experience.

All components are prefabricated in our workshop, so there is no need for measuring and cutting on site. They fit into each other, leaving minimal possibility for error, while speeding up the construction significantly and therefore saving you time & money.


The portal frame

The core of the engineered construction system is the portal frame structure system made of LVL and plywood. It includes all necessary components & fixings required for the assembly.

Structural, insulated panels

The structural portal frame system is then filled with prefabricated plywood panels. All panels are light enough to be handled by 2 people, without heavy lifting or cranes required.

Gable wall

The different end wall variations include the material for the gable wall including glass wool insulation, a moist-regulating vapor barrier, internal smart membrane and double glazed windows / sliding door.

Internal walls

Internal walls are not load bearing and therefore there's complete freedom when designing the internal layout.
Modular System

Smart design makes it easy

Now, modularity comes into play. Choose from our modular system wall elements, facade, roofing, windows, doors, etc., practically everything you need. The basic specification can be greatly enhanced depending on your available budget.

The house can be made to be far more sustainable, intelligent and completely self-sufficient. We have been extremely picky with the choice of materials and components with a real focus on quality. Each element of the house has been carefully considered and has been chosen for its suitability, sustainability and durability.

Because the main structure is designed to be adaptable, there are many features and options that can be easily added at a later date. The original home can also be extended, therefore allowing to be easily re-configured to suit changing life requirements.


Ecokit has been designed to suit 2 foundation types: raise it off the ground on footings or put it on an insulated concrete slab.


We offer a selection of environmentally friendly cladding: solid timber for a natural look or smooth mineral board for a more contemporary look.

Roof windows & skylights

Building a home filled with light and no need for air conditioning is easier said than done but VELUX skylights and roof windows make it possible.


An ecokit roof has many functions: it will protect your home from nasty weather, has a built-in water collection system & can also heat your water and generate power!

Optional add-ons

Personalise your masterpiece

While the low-VOC finishes, double glazing, energy efficiency,airtight envelope and excellent thermal performance come built in with every ecokit, there’s still a lot of premium features that can be added to your ecokit home to make it truly yours and even more energy efficient and sustainable.

We offer the latest developments in off-grid technology including rain water storage and collection, waste treatment, solar energy harvesting & battery storage.

Maintenance-free, bushfire-proof and cyclone-proof options are also available along with smart phone controlled home automation packages including ventilation, lighting, security, audio and more.

Let's start the adventure

Ecokit allows you to create a home without compromise, one that expresses your personality with your own touches and finishes, exactly the way you want them.

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