It has been a crazy few weeks to say the least. In the midst of a growing concern about our ability to face the pandemic, its effect on our loved ones and its disruption on our day to day lives, we’re hunkering down and pushing through the best we can with the help of a never ending list of things to do…

There is never a better time to bring good news, so here it is:

  • Project Marysville is under way
  • We have updated our ecokit packages and lowered the prices!
  • We are extending our “Free BAL40 upgrade” offer

The Planning Permit application has just been submitted for our project in Marysville! Finger crossed that the approval will come soon and there will be one more ecokit home before the end of the year.

Would you like to move into your new ecokit home this year too? Talk to us about your project now!

Marysville visualisation of the house

Your feedback is priceless for us and we always listen to you. Now, it is possible to get a basic structural kit for an UNREAL PRICE.

Made for those with DIY in their DNA, we now offer the structural kit only, enabling clients to create a custom structure within the realm of its high quality design and eco friendly offerings. Simply choose the right size & shape, ranging from studio to the 5 bedroom family home!


The memories of recent bushfires might seem overwritten by the recent circumstances but we haven’t forgot. We believe that your safety deserves our attention no matter the circumstances and we are offering a FREE upgrade for all projects done in 2020 from BAL12/29 to BAL40. Let us know if you would like more information about this offer.


Meet the ecokit team – Anna

No company can exist without people who understand the needs of its customers and patiently listen to help them make their dreams come true. Anna’s extreme level of empathy, friendliness and a never-ceasing smile makes her a perfect fit for the role. We can always rely on her and we simply love her ability to share positive energy.

When asked why she had become a part of the ecokit, she replied:
“I feel strongly aligned with the goals and ideals of ecokit, including being kind to the environment and living a simple life. I am really excited about playing a part in helping people reach their dream of both owning and living in a sustainable, eco-friendly home, a place to enjoy a happy, contented life, creating valuable memories with family and friends.”

If we could have one wish now when the virus is spreading through the world and basic things are becoming unpredictable, it would be that people are kind to one another rather than selfishly hoard huge supplies of toiler paper and canned tuna.

Be rational, think about the elderly, about your relatives, about families with babies and focus on things that you were too busy to do before. Keep our spirits high, the sun will shine again even after the worst storms.


About Matyas

Happiness comes when you get out of your comfort zone. That's why I am passionate about travelling. And while travelling, I found two things; that we must seriously protect nature and that one simply needs a place he can call home. Combine those two statements and you will understand why I choose to be part of a company innovating the way we live, trying to communicate the importance of our mission with the whole world.

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