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When quality is

not just an empty word

In Australia, 150,000 homes (on average) are built every year. Statistics indicate that a majority of them come with defects that have to be rectified, often after the warranty has expired and therefore at the home owner’s expense.

There are many shocking stories and unfortunately, homes built by ‘volume builders’ are not the only ones with serious defects.

Read the story about a troubled 3mil home here

The idea of ecokit was born out of frustration with the current situation. The ecokit system addresses fundamental issues like inadequate or poorly installed insulation, leaky structures, condensation & mould issues and chemical off-gassing. The other group of reasons for its creation was the passion for nature, sustainable thinking and energy-efficient living in healthy houses.

We have developed a new system that brings an unusual range of products directly to the construction site, with clear instructions on how to install the components. This assures the correct amount and the right material is being used. No more cutting corners and swapping for cheaper, lower quality materials!

We offer a revolutionary way to guarantee the quality of your new ecokit home by providing a unique combination of high quality products and exceptional services.

Quality materials & modern technologies

If you want your house to last for a long time, quality materials and technology are a must. The materials used in ecokit homes are regularly inspected both at the factory and during the assembly process. Materials are regularly tested for mechanical-physical properties, so you can be sure that the building materials have the necessary strength, moisture resistance, fire resistance, and necessary thermal requirements.

From our high spec plywood with no nasty glues, to chemical-free insulation, a high performance external and internal membrane for airtightness, all the way to every screw and nail – all from well known brands that guarantee the quality and durability of their products.

Sophisticated design & built-in energy efficiency

A well designed floor plan that suits the block and the orientation is a very good start.  A generic design will not work for every site and wrong orientation can make your life a misery.

Not everyone can afford to work with an architect but consulting  with one can be a worthy investment that will pay back itself later. That’s why ALL our projects are overseen by an architect or a building designer.

Construction supervised by experienced professionals

Only under the hands of real masters can a masterpiece be created, so it is good not to entrust the construction of your new house just to anyone. But instead of contracting a handful of experienced carpenters, with ecokit you will only need unskilled labour who will be able to assemble the structure of your ecokit home under an experienced supervisor.

Or, even without any previous building experience, you can assemble it yourself, with the help of a few mates. It is actually lots of fun and will save you a chunk of cash from your budget. And we’ll make sure you are safe doing it.

Choose real professionals

A ecokit construction system is Australia’s new smart way to build. Our Passive House inspired construction system has been developed in Europe specifically for Australian conditions and allows anyone to build the finest quality home.

The ecokit construction system is more robust and durable than standard framing. The strength of the ecokit system is mainly due to the engineering of our building blocks, and it’s because of this inherent strength that the system has proved itself to customers in high wind and cyclonic areas. Ecokit has also proved itself a suitable system for hard to access sites or for use on sloping blocks.


About Camilla

My enthusiasm for changing lifestyles, determination to change the world, devotion to a positive change of any kind, love of innovative ideas and desire to always push the boundaries organically came together eventually - and so ecokit was born. Now, as a Certified Passive House Consultant, I am proud to be doing what I enjoy and love - helping people to fulfill their dreams of living in a healthy, happy home.

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