I am very excited to share the construction progress for our prototype in Jindabyne, NSW! We officially started construction on this project first week in June and the contractors are flying through construction!

We have done a series of Time Lapse videos, have a look below:

Seeing this house finally come to life little by little is one of the most fulfilling things. Now only 4 weeks into construction and framing of StartUp cabin all complete and GrowUp cabin just starting to be raised, the prototype is really starting to take shape.

burnished concrete floor at the site

Burnished concrete floors look great

Construction Update:
The fully insulated slab with hydronic in-slab heating was completed in May. The ground floor finish is burnished concrete and the rest of the house will be nice, fluffy, natural wool carpet.

ground floor ecokit home rapidly built in 4 days

At the end of first construction day we had 5 frames up // with 4 people and no machinery

The support structure of the small cabin went up within 4 working days. We were thrilled to see that the assembly was so smooth and faster than expected. All the details and connections we worked on carefully with our engineers were spot on, with only few minor issues that were easily corrected and will be re-worked for future projects.

double storey ecokit home fast assembly process

Day 9 of construction and we have started to frame the GrowUp cabin

Framing of the walls of the StartUp cabin is now complete. It’s winter and we’re building in the Snowy Mountains, so unfortunately sometimes the weather beats us. We had a few days with gusty winds, not safe to build. However the contractors have started to frame up the GrowUp cabin last week and when the weather permits, will complete the rest in the next couple of weeks. Very exciting to see those houses coming together!

We are very proud of what we have achieved and how awesome the system really is. We would like to ask you a favor – help us spread the word and let others know, too. We have prepared a quick video and we want to get it viral! Every share might get to folks looking to build an energy efficient, sustainable home and ecokit might be just the right match! Share it via FACEBOOK, TWITTER, INSTAGRAM or LINKEDIN. You can also resend this email to a friend who is planning to build.

Ready for the next adventure
Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither will be our first ecokit. But in the meantime, we are keen to start working on a new project. And it could be yours!

If you plan to start building after the winter, it’s the best time to start researching and planning… Interested in knowing more? Let us know!


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My enthusiasm for changing lifestyles, determination to change the world, devotion to a positive change of any kind, love of innovative ideas and desire to always push the boundaries organically came together eventually - and so ecokit was born. Now I am proud to be doing what I enjoy and love - helping people to fulfill their dreams of living in a healthy, happy home.


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