The roller coaster ride

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March was a very fast paced month full of upheavals not dissimilar to a roller coaster ride. So where are we at?

The prototype
The first week of March brought us a bomb – after nearly 5 months of preparations, the client who we were planning to build the prototype for, had to pull out of the deal. It was not expected, nor pleasant and yes, there were some tears. But didn’t they say that the best things in life are truly worth the blood, sweat and tears? There you go. Every project has its ups & downs and the rain cleared within few days with a new prospective client interested in the prototype.

Currently we are preparing the plans and pricing and things are going a little faster, doing the same thing over for the second time. Unfortunately because of the processing times for the DA and building permit application, we won’t be able to proceed with the construction before winter. Therefore there will be delay, with a new estimated date of the prototype construction starting in September.

The development
The digital version of prototype has been now thoroughly tested for various wind loads and we are happy to announce that it performed really well and we will be offering a cyclone & seismic prone areas version along the standard version, with only minor upgrades. 

We are also currently working on the assembly manual and a design manual for your architect, building designer or builder. Both publications should be completed and released in April.

The manufacturing
We are currently having conversations with another 2 potential manufacturers, one in NSW and one in WA. Having more manufacturing plants will cut the transport cost and our carbon footprint. We are now waiting for a proposed pricing structure to assess the viability of those partnerships.

Crowd funding campaign postponed to April
Developing a complex product like ecokit while being a bootstrapped start up is not an easy task. The nearly 3 years of development have slowly chewed up our funds and the construction of the prototype won’t be a cheap exercise either. 

For this reason we are preparing a crowd funding campaign that will be released mid April. If you are interested in ecokit home for yourself or would like to support the development, please pledge a few dollars to help us with the cost. Any amount will be appreciated and so is sharing the campaign with your friends! Thanks.  

The ordering process
Until now we have contacted first 15 potential customers and at this moment we are working on 6 different projects – preparing floor plans, reviewing the locations, discussing selections and finishes.

From your feedback we understand that the estimating process is too complicated, especially when it comes to selecting the sections. As I said before, we do welcome your input and so I have been also testing various programs that would make all those preliminary orders and selections easier and less tedious. We have now selected 2 apps that we are going to test this month with some of our clients. Once approved, we will update our website to offer a more streamlined and accurate estimating tool.

I will be also contacting more of those who indicated their interest in purchasing ecokit before the end of 2017. We have created a waiting list – with nearly 100 names on it! OMG!

If you are seriously interested in ecokit and living in an area with longer waiting times for the DA, please contact us ASAP, so we can start discussing your project.

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