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case study jindabyne 1 when the prefab parts are assembled on the construction siteCase study
October 4, 2018

Case study: Jindabyne, part 1

Ecokit was appointed to design, manufacture and deliver two cabins for eco-tourist accommodation compliant with the eco-farm values. The main criteria for the client were…
case study jindabyne 2 in nsw australiaCase study
December 12, 2018

Case study: Jindabyne, part 2

Once the building permit was approved, we were ready to start manufacturing first two ecokit cabins. Ecokit, as a big fan of technologies and advanced…
offgrid living in the energy efficient houseCase study
February 16, 2019

Case study: Jindabyne, part 3

The relationship between architecture and the building industry is often neglected. Often, nature is destroyed because of new building. But this often proves to be…


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