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towards your dream home

Our integrated process encompasses 4 stages required to create your new home – project outline, design & selections, engineering & fabrication and construction.

4 weeks


Tell us what you’re after and we’ll offer a solution.

The journey towards your new ecokit home begins with a Project Discovery.

This detailed analysis of the site identifies its advantages and restrictions and the early in-depth understanding eliminates errors, ensuring your project will be on time and on budget.

We gather as much site information as we can find – site plan, land survey, vegetation, topography, drainage, views, features, information about neighbouring properties, sun orientation, zoning, permit and regulatory information.

By the end of this stage, you will receive a detailed report outlining all of the findings including the proposed cost estimate for the ecokit construction system and an estimated timeline of your planned project.

3 to 6 months


Let’s work out the design and get you all the permits.

We work with you through this phase to refine a design you’ll love. We include a selected builder as a consultant to get real cost estimates and optimal construction solutions from the start.

We will create a set of drawings and specifications which will be submitted to the local council’s planning department as part of the planning permit/development application.

It is important to understand that project development is a combined effort of all the consultants involved in the project.

The time it takes to complete the design portion of the work can vary from as little as a few weeks to up to several months (or more). It depends on the complexity of the scope of work, how quick you are to make decisions and any special permitting or regulatory hurdles we face.

3 months


Sit back, relax and pop a cold one while we get to work.

Once you are granted the planning permit/development application, we prepare details for our manufacturing and assembly partners to ensure that everything goes as planned and soon the components for your new ecokit home spring into life in our factory.

We will keep you up to date by sending you regular photos as your kit is being manufactured.

At the same time, together with your chosen builder, we will complete the Construction Drawings required for applying for a Building Permit.

We will also send you a step-by-step ecokit assembly instruction manual before shipping the kit to your site.

3 to 6 months


Your new home is growing fast, get ready to move in!

In no time, the components for your new home are ready.

Before the ecokit construction system is sent to your site, your builder will commence work on the site, preparing foundations, services, and other site work, so it is ready when the components arrive and construction can commence immediately, keeping your project on time!

The assembly itself is super quick – it is done in a matter of days – and once the structure is weathertight, the internal fit-out can commence.

The timeline to complete this depends on project size and complexity as well as the contractor’s schedule.

What’s involved?

Let us guide you throughout the whole process in 9 steps

The process of planning your new home can often be overwhelming, especially if this is your first time. The visual tool below outlines the next steps involved with your project.

At ecokit, we want to make this journey as simple and smooth as possible. We will work with you throughout the whole process, from design and documentation to the construction of your home.


Free Consultation

01 Free Consultation

During the consultation we discuss:

  • your design requirements
  • required level of service
  • your budget
  • preferred timeframe


Project Discovery

02 Project Discovery Report
  • land survey including surrounding properties, features & levels
  • site analysis including orientation, sun paths & views, climate zone & micro-climate, prevailing winds & more
  • review of all regulatory requirements
  • estimated project cost & timeline
  • development of the briefing requirements


Site Plan & Schematic Design

03 Site Plan & Schematic Design
  • engage all required consultants
  • concept plans drawn to scale including the building envelope, floor plans, boundary setbacks (holistic overview of site)
  • preliminary internal layout & elevations
  • consideration of options
  • suggestion of external materials/color scheme


Design Development

04 Design Development
  • interior layout, external elevations and materials selections
  • all plans drawn to scale with sizes and dimensions added
  • consult with authorities (i.e. Council, sewer, water, power etc)
  • select all consultants (structural engineer, landscape designer, interior designer, building surveyor)
  • a project budget analysis and costs breakdown


Town Planning

05 Town Planning
  • coordinate external consultants and collate all required reports to accompany the planning permit/DA
  • prepare written planning submission
  • prepare town planning plans including schedule of external finishes and materials selection
  • planning application forms & submission
  • communication with Council post submission


Preparation for fabrication

06 Preparation for fabrication

once the planning permit/DA is granted, we will:

  • start ordering raw material & other components
  • prepare digital files for fabrication
  • secure a factory slot & liaise with manufacturer
  • organise the delivery to your building site as per project schedule


Construction Documentation

07 Construction Documentation
  • finalise all documents for construction
  • obtain certification from a structural engineer
  • prepare specifications & expected cost schedule
  • creation of project timeline
  • preparation of construction contract with the builder



08 Delivery
  • your builder prepares the site for the delivery and foundations for the home
  • your ecokit™ construction system arrives to your site as per project schedule
  • other components are sent to site ‘just in time’



09 Construction
  • the speedy assembly of the prefabricated ecokit™ components starts
  • all fixing material is included with the system
  • optional (and highly recommended) blower door test guarantees quality assurance
  • we are here for any troubleshooting


Let’s Build Something Together