6 simple steps towards your dream home

Our integrated design process encompasses all the phases required to create your new home – design, selections & fabrication within weeks.


1 – 2 weeks


2 weeks


4 weeks
from $3,500


8 weeks
30% of kit price


8 weeks
40% of kit price


30% of kit price

Note: Some stages might be overlapping.


Let's talk!

The whole journey towards your new ecokit home begins with an initial meeting where you tell us all about your dream house. Through this meeting we can provide you with all the important information and guide you through the steps that will follow.

In this initial design meeting we talk fun – wish list, “styles”, and likes and dislikes; and we will talk serious – about budget, timeline, and design goals. After this meeting we can get started planning out ideas for the home.

By the end of this Discovery Stage you will be provided with a proposal outlining all of the project requirements which is to be designed or specified by the architect and discuss the timeline for the project. We also provide more detail about our process and further explain our fees.

Contact us with any questions or arrange a chat with us if you would like to claim your obligation free initial meeting.


What, where and how?

After your approval of the proposal and signing the Design Agreement, we’ll be ready to move forward to the Evaluation Stage. During this stage of the design process you will be provided with documents required for your Planning Permit application.

The conversation begins the design process with “Tell us more about YOU and how you live” so that we can create the best possible solution for you and your family. After all, this isn’t something that happens every day. This is an opportunity to create your home. Our focus is designing you a home inspired by your everyday life.

First, we gather as much site information as we can find – site plan, land survey, trees, topography, drainage, views, features, neighbours, sun orientation, zoning and permit information and go through your answers to our many questions about how you live and what you like.


Your vision coming to life

The Design Process begins with lots of questions and a meeting to discuss your goals and ideas for designing your new home. We drill down into the smallest details.

During this stage we will develop floor plans, exterior elevations + details to further describe the characteristic of the project and provide up to 2 revisions on the design development drawings. We will also provide a virtual model of your new home, so you can walk through and check how it feels even before it’s built!

Based on the approved Design Development drawings, we will create a set of drawings and specifications which describe the scope of work for construction of the home. These drawings and specs – the Construction Documents – are used not only by the contractor to build the home, but also are submitted to the local building department for permit application.

At the end of the Design & Documentation Stage you will receive all documents required for the Building Permit application.

We work with you through this phase to refine a design to meet all of your home ownership dreams. It is up to you how involved you are in this process, we welcome any degree of collaboration with you on the design.


Sit back and relax while we get to work

Once the Construction Drawings are completed and ready for submitting for a Building Permit, it’s time to accept the quote, sign the Kit Delivery Agreement and pay the first deposit. Anything else added after the contract has been signed is added as a variation that is also signed. Life is pretty unpredictable so if there is anything else we need to add, we can, by agreement.

At the same time, we prepare details for our manufacturing and assembly partners to ensure that everything goes as planned. Within a short time the components for your new ecokit home spring into life in our factory. We will keep you up to date by sending you regular photos as your kit is being manufactured.

We will also send you a step by step ecokit assembly instruction manual and an invoice for the second payment just before completion and shipping of the kit to your site.


Your new home is on its way

Once the next stage payment is received, the kit will be shipped directly to your site.

While the kit is on its way to you, your chosen builder will commence work on the site, preparing foundations, services, and landscaping, compressing the timeframe for your project significantly!

Once the kit arrives to your site, we’ll coordinate the unloading and you’re ready to move to the next stage – the assembly!


You're only weeks from moving in!

The final payment is due on delivery. Once unloaded, you or your builder can get cracking!

The assembly depends on the components you chose for your house, but it is the fastest phase of the whole process. Due to our flexible construction system, a minimum of resources is required for the final assembly.

We are offering multiple options for the construction. If you are a handy DIYer, you can take a short course outlining the assembly of the kit. We’ll provide all necessary documentation and tools to guide you through all steps to a successful project completion.

If you plan to manage your project but are hiring a local builder for the assembly, we can supply an experienced supervisor to guide your chosen contractor. And, if you’d prefer to get your ecokit delivered at lock up stage, we can do that, too!

We hope you enjoy the experience of living your way in your new ecokit home as much as we have enjoyed making it for you. Our goal is to exceed our clients’ expectations and leave them happy beyond their wildest dreams.

Let's start the adventure

Ecokit allows you to create a home without compromise, one that expresses your personality with your own touches and finishes, exactly the way you want them.

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