The word “Sustainability” has become a household term in the modern family. We hear about various projects related to sustainability and eco-friendliness in the mainstream media.

In addition to being a very economical option, having a sustainability mindset helps reduce the carbon footprint we leave on this planet. It means that we are helping our world become a better place while saving up on a tonne of cash!

First, let’s try to understand what sustainable energy is – it means using energy that can be generated continuously without emitting harmful emissions to the environment like mass-producing power stations.

The most common sustainable energy producing mechanisms include running water, solar power, geothermal energy, and wind and biomass fuels. These methods will not harm the environment. If implemented correctly, it will act as a continuous, efficient and less costly way of producing energy which in turn used in the form of electricity and other types of mechanical energies.

Sometimes, we tend to have the wrong definitions in our minds on sustainability. For example, some people think swapping their petrol-powered car to an electrically powered car is a sustainable option. It is not entirely correct. We are merely changing the form of energy type used to power the car.

If we want to find a sustainable way to manage our cars, then what we should do is to find a viable option to acquire the needed energy type to power our vehicles. One great option is to install solar panels on the garage roof and use solar energy to charge the electric cars.

It provides a sustainable option of gathering electricity in the form of sunlight. The electricity produced will then power the vehicle, and this system makes the electric car option a ‘sustainable’ method.   

Let us discover a few ‘sustainable energy’ alternatives.

Purchasing electricity from Sustainable Power Stations
Many Australians are now moving into Green Power sustainable energy options provided by the government which gives consumers the ability to buy energy from sustainable power stations. However, the capacity to purchase electricity from such power plants is still a limited option, but it is available in some parts of the six states of Australia. On the other hand, relying solely on purchasing sustainable electricity is not the best approach when it comes to making our residence a sustainable environment in which to live. Let’s explore other options that we can use if we want to achieve producing sustainable energy.

Solar Power
The most popular form of sustainable energy development is the use of solar energy. Many Australian households are rapidly moving into solar-based projects to power their homes. Over the years, the cost of installing solar panels has rapidly declined. It has now come to the point where average households can invest in solar powered energy producing options. So, if you are seriously considering on becoming a sustainability enthusiast, then solar energy is the first choice for you.

Wind Power
A costlier option to look at is wind power. Here, the continuous and the never ending winds are used to produce energy. Large blades set on top of tall towers help rotate the generator attached to the blades. The power output then converts to electricity. Due to the large setup cost and the need for open areas with high winds, wind power electricity is not suitable for a small residence but is an excellent choice for large scale organisations with lots of land such as a farming society.

There are many other solutions available when it comes to producing sustainable electricity. Examples include Hydroelectricity, Geothermal Energy and Biomass power. But these options fall into the same category of problem areas encountered when implementing wind farms.  They require a large setup cost. However, options like Hydroelectricity can be applied within a small community that has access to an excellent body of running water. It requires a group of like-minded people who also happen to be sustainability enthusiasts!

As always, if we want to start something new, it’s recommended to start small. So, if our interest is in looking at sustainable energy use, the best place to start is with us. Apart from doing our part towards helping the environment and reduce its carbon footprints, we can also find long-term economic solutions that will save us a tonne of cash in the long run.

As we learn about sustainability and eco-friendly solutions, we will be able to expand and extend the benefits we reap to our community. All our neighbours and friends can get together and implement meaningful, sustainable solutions, like living off the grid and saving a lot of money within the community. So, let’s get started on our sustainable journey!


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