The year 2020 is here and it is a perfect time to look back and also ahead. However, there are more urgent things that must be addressed today. Five million hectares of the bush are on fire, breathing the air in Sydney is as harmful as smoking 60 cigarettes a day, one-third of all koalas vanished, and estimated 2,500 homes were destroyed. Is this signal strong enough for all people in the world to realise that the environment and its protection must be taken seriously?

In this light, ecokit’s mission makes more and more sense. We started 4 years ago with an idea. The idea of a home that we love, that would be healthy and that would allow efficient energy management without damaging impact on nature. Since then, we have walked a long way, finished the first project of two ecokit houses in the Snowy Mountains, continuously improved the whole construction system to make it lighter, more versatile and easily assembled within days.

We are ready to achieve much more and help Australia to rise from ashes when wildfires are put out.

What made us happy last year?

To stay optimistic, here are three things that stood out in 2019:

  • ecokit’s team grew bigger and the whole project gained momentum as more and more people start to believe in its purpose
  • a 1:12 scale model proved to be very helpful for showing the benefits of our construction system during the Replenish Our Planet festival last November
  • we found a way to make our construction system 10% lighter, so less material is used and it is faster and easier to assemble

What we can’t wait to accomplish in 2020?

In the first place, having you around is a great honour and we appreciate all your comments, messages and support. Some more ecokit construction projects are underway and we even started a discussion about an ecovillage consisting of more than 200 homes.

And there is the thing we all got addicted to – working on the site, seeing the house to rise and enjoying the creation of someone’s new home. Surely, there will be more than enough opportunities for such joy.

Homes we ♥

You could notice that from time to time we publish showcases of inspiring homes for your inspiration and to help you imagine the immense number of options you have when building a sustainable home.

It was a very pleasant gift to see your interest in our Jindabyne project. In case you missed that, here is our Instagram post. Be sure to send us some ♥♥♥ and we will post a next episode soon.

instagram feature homes we love by ecokit

Share the word, support anyone trying to improve the way we build & live and we hope to talk to you about your dream project soon!


About Matyas

Happiness comes when you get out of your comfort zone. That's why I am passionate about travelling. And while travelling, I found two things; that we must seriously protect nature and that one simply needs a place he can call home. Combine those two statements and you will understand why I choose to be part of a company innovating the way we live, trying to communicate the importance of our mission with the whole world.

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