August 2016

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Time seems like it has raced by since our last update in July. Most likely because I was visiting my family and friends in my home country, Czech Republic and took a little bit of time off from the project. But fear not, the development is steadily progressing and we have commenced work on full project documentation needed for Building Permit application.

This month has been full of progress including:

  • Testing the estimating tool by volunteers and ecokit supporters (the results are in and I will be working on updated version that will be released to all soon)
  • The design of our prototype assembly is well underway
  • While in Europe I have had numerous meetings with few professionals in Passive Houses Construction, Engineered Timber Structures etc. to discuss our project with them and gained invaluable insights we are going to implement into the development

Thank you for your continued support!

Camilla & the ecokit team



We are pleased to announce that we have been approached by Bendigo Sustainability Group, an organization made up of local people and businesses interested in all aspects of sustainability and been invited to ‘Bendigo Sustainable House Day’ on sunday October 30th to introduce ecokit house and talk about what sustainable measures we designed into the kit and what benefits those measures provide not only to the occupant but also his/her surrounding environment.

Through our participation in this event, we hope to contribute to the greater movement of sustainable use of healthy and eco-friendly building materials. We want to help everyone to better understand the construction industry landscape so that we all can continue to contribute to a more sustainable future.


  • AvatarCat says:

    It is really reassuring to know that the project is well on its way. We have been waiting a long time for something like this (5 years). Our deadline to build is October 2017 and our eyes are very firmly set on Ecokit!

  • CamillaCamilla says:

    Hi Cat, it is so inspiring to hear, we all do our best to get ecokit in the production. Now in full swing in preparing the construction of the prototype, yay! You should be set to get one by October 2017!

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