July 2016

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Many of you have followed us through various development stages, when we revealed the concept and ongoing improvements. Others only just starting following us in the last few weeks and days. We are humbled by your support and feedback.

Currently we are in the Design for Manufacturing (DFM) phase, which takes about 8 – 10 weeks of working very closely with our manufacturers’ engineers. Together, we are going through the hundreds of components that comprise ecokit, analyzing the ability to produce and assemble each individual part of the kit with the highest degree of quality.

Gearing up for Manufacturing

Now that the structural design is near final we will be shifting gears into manufacturing mode. Over the next 2 months and a half we will begin setting up the tools and machines for the structural parts. This too will be an iterative process as we build test units and conduct quality control at every step from assembly to reliability testing.

The most exciting part of this process is that from here forward we will be getting ready to accept your orders later this year. Please stay tuned as we share our next milestones over the coming months. We have prepared a timeline to give you an idea how we are progressing and what the plans are for the near future.


Ecokit was recently featured on Green Tiny House’s Instagram feed (check it out)! We are humbled to be acknowledged by such a leader in the small houses world. We have received hundreds of emails and replying them might take a while, so please excuse our longer response time, we will get to yours shortly!

We look forward to sharing more progress with you!

All the best,

The ecokit team

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