May 2016

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Today I am excited to share with you the latest update on ecokit development!

Since January, we have focused on finalizing the engineering of the kit – and we have just completed the first phase. Now we are focusing on the additional wind loads, to be able to offer ecokit to those who plan building their new home in areas with strong winds or even a possibility of cyclone.

For the next couple of months we have two major sub-systems to develop – the plumbing & drainage and also the electrical system.

Those systems are being designed to fit into our modular system and will be packed with intelligent and energy-efficient technology. They will be partly pre-fabricated and designed to be easily integrated within the modular home.

Ecokit forms the ‘engine room’ of the house along the south facing wall, delivering plumbing & drainage system for the kitchen and the the bathroom, providing a sink, washing machine, shower/bath, toilet and vanity basin couplings.

The electrical system is still under research with an innovative australian product in mind so watch this space!

While our engineers are hard at work polishing every last detail of the ecokit home, I have decided to address a topic that is being repeatedly questioned in your emails – is ecokit build on passive solar design? Or is ecokit a passive house? You can read my answers here.

Thank you for your continued support!

Camilla & the team at ecokit


  • AvatarElias Chikhani says:

    Can you give me prices of the ecokit houses in NSW kiama

  • AvatarDoug says:

    Hi Camilla
    I am looking to build an off grid small house at Flinders on the Mornington Peninsula on a block with North facing aspect and mild slope from West to East. This would probably be early next year. Do you an eco kit home will have been built by then so I could see one? Cheers Doug

    • CamillaCamilla says:

      Hi Doug,

      at this stage the kit is expected to be available by the end of this year or early in 2017.

      We are currently discussing the construction of the prototype and we are hoping to build it before the end of 2016. I will keep you posted in our regular monthly updates.


  • AvatarDoug says:

    Thats great, where are you based? Where are you looking at building the prototype?
    Looks a really nice design
    Regards Doug

    • CamillaCamilla says:

      The manufacturing is based in Victoria and that’s most likely where the prototype will be.

      Thanks, Camilla

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