November 2016

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We are on track for the prototype construction in early 2017, starting with few awesome early supporters. We are currently discussing the details with 6 potential ecokit owners and next month we will reach out to each of you to ask you to confirm your timeframe for your project — the interest we have had so far over stretches our initial production capacity and we are considering creating a ‘waiting list’.

For those who have their heart set on ecokit home before experiencing the prototype, we will be happy to engage with you in January in a further discussions leading to the preparation of planning & building permits.

While we would love to get an ecokit to everyone ASAP, the construction of the prototype will be an important milestone and we will be fully focusing on this task in the next few months. 

We are looking for ★★★ stars ★★★!

There is a lot of preparation as we are planning to video document the prototype construction and to develop a video instructions for the assembly. And that’s where you come into play…

We are looking for a couple or a group of friends who are handy, energetic and passionate about DIY and craft projects to become our ambassadors, the ultimate ‘inexperienced rookie builders’ that (with a help of a skilled builder or two) will embark on a very rewarding journey and became the face of ecokit homes!

Interested? Tell us about you, why do you think you would be the perfect ambassador for ecokit homes. A short video introduction is a bonus! Email is [email protected]

Please note the prototype will be most likely build in Victoria, so you have to be able to spend some time here, otherwise we are not worried where you come from. The opportunity is open to anyone!

Do you have a passion for what you do?

I consider passion a crucial ingredient to success, no matter what you do. I also have to admit one of the biggest hurdles during the development of ecokit was finding people who would be as passionate about the projects just as I am. Finding professionals that are not looking for a ‘get-rich-quick’ scheme proved nearly impossible.

On the other hand I have had some people contacting me and offering their skills purely because they love the idea and they would like to see it succeed. This brought me to the idea of recruiting some of the needed skills for the growth of ecokit amongst you, the supporters.

If you think you have a skill we might need, get in touch. You can be a plumber, a photographer, an electrician, a blogger, a video maker, a furniture maker, a founder of another start up with similar values… Any skills will be considered.

We are interested to trade your skills for a discount for ecokit purchase or even to match skills needed for other fellow owner-builders. Let’s give this a try!

Warm regards, Camilla & the team

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  • AvatarAntonietta Bergamin says:

    Hi Camilla,
    If you are looking to prototype in Moonambel Victoria. The heart of the Pyrenees, let us know. We are looking at a rural block for our business. It may be of interest to you. My partner and I offer landscaping and painting services along with a history of business ownership.

    A pssionionate family of five continuing our dream. Contact us if interested.

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