October 2016

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The past month has been incredibly exciting as we progressed with the engineering of the kit to a new stage and we are working with a safety engineer to make sure the kit assembly is safe for all you DIY folks!

Our architect is working hard on the documentation needed for planning / building permits and the engineering team is assembling various modules and working through obstacles as they come up. As is to be expected at this stage we’ve run into a couple of challenges so far, and the engineering team has worked tirelessly to address and fix them.

I have attended a few events in October – first the Big World Homes launch in Sydney and also only yesterday the Bendigo Sustainable House Day. I had a great time on both occasions, having interesting conversations with many people interested in smaller, more sustainable living. It was lovely to meet some of you!

We are also currently talking to a major Melbourne manufacturer of prefabricated houses about getting a prefab version of ecokit for those who are not planning to DIY and would prefer having their ecokit delivered to their site complete with all the finishes, ready to move in. I will keep you posted on this in the next update.

If you haven’t yet, you can now download our new brochure and sample floorplans below.


What’s the plan for November?

Next month we will be focusing on creating a system for preliminary orders. Because the manufacturing will be limited to 2 kits a month the first 6 months, we need to identify who is ready to start the planning/building applications. This stage is still a no-commitment as we won’t be taking orders and deposits until the prototype has been build and tested and you had a chance to visit us and see ecokit for yourself. 

We will also be refining the final details on the prototype design and be conducting more testing, to make sure that ecokit will be a safe as it can be.

Warm regards, 

Camilla & the team

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