September 2016

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When we sent you our last update, we were slowly releasing an access to our estimation tool to all our subscribers and couple of weeks ago the process has been completed. The tool is now available to anyone and if you have had no chance to test it out, feel free to estimate the cost of your dream ecokit house.

We have had lots of feedback, mainly a positive one. Most answers were regarding the size and layouts and we will be addressing this issue by adding more information on our website. More add-ons or options will be added over time.

What’s the plan for October?
This month we are still focusing on the construction system, with first few prototypes being manufactured and tested. We are also addressing the safety of the construction as we don’t want to put anyone in a necessary risk of an injury.


I have been also preparing myself for the Bendigo Sustainable House Day, where I will be introducing ecokit and its sustainable features in a short speech. I hope to meet some of you, our fans & supporters, face to face finally.

We need you ideas
The plans to build the prototype are under way now and we are considering running a crowdfunding campaign to help with the cost to be able to present the ecokit house completed in its full beauty and functionality. We would love to offer some relevant perks to our supporters and so we are wondering what would be the ultimate reward you would appreciate for your donation? Comment below and don’t be shy to tell us!

Warm regards,

Camilla & the team



  • AvatarJustin says:

    Very open plan living , for us we need a home for the Aussie bush. A main factor for us is BUSHFIRE. We will be making use of the sun extensively . No utilities or mains sewerage or water near our block. Totally off grid living . U need to make these kits with pieces that are easily found for replacement. No unique parts. Think global , think sustainability , I think about how my kit home will be in 40 years time, thats how I am researching.
    Thanks Justin

  • AvatarTiziana Contu says:

    Maybe destiny has sent me here…… I’m looking for ecological Homes and was on the web all night just has I found something that appeals to my requirements, I found out they are selling 🙁 But then I found YOU and you are just starting out……So i think you should look up these guys the owner is 80 and has loads of experience and all the tools for your business idea and his to take the next leap in this fascinating industry even further.

    Please let me know what happens either way has I would love to build sometime this year.

    kindest regards

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