Finally, it is here! In between the work on the projects and documentation for the modular kit production, we have found a few weeks of time (mostly during the sleepless nights) to put our website to a whole new level. So, what do Family, Builder and Developer have in common?

They all want to build ecokit energy-efficient and sustainable homes!

Based on your feedback and all the talks and meetings we have had in the past year, we redesigned our website. Here are the 3 highlights that should immediately help anyone in the community of our supporters.

One. The website brings the right information for the main groups of our visitors at first glance.

  • Family or Couple will get enough inspiration to foresee their future home
  • Builder will be thrilled by the easiness of the ecokit’s construction process
  • Developer will be amazed by the number of possibilities in eco-tourism that we have to offer

No scrambled eggs with pieces of information all over the website as it used to be 🍳😅

Two. Another page that makes us proud is the Construction Timeline.

Finally, we are confident enough to promise you the exact duration of the 4 phases. Who wouldn’t like to get his dream house built in a blink of an eye?

Three. And lastly, we are so proud to present you Our Team.

Camilla and Pavla who founded the company and put a lot of effort into making their dreams to come true are not alone anymore. We know we neglected this area, but it is over. And to show you how serious we are, I’ll start with myself!


Meet the ecokit team – Matt

“My name is Matt and even though I’m from Europe, my passion for Australia is immense. When visiting it, I loved everything from smiling easy-going people to beautiful unique nature and ecosystem. The decision to join ecokit came naturally as it united all my dreams and wishes at once – challenging job in business communication, travelling and helping people to live in harmony with nature.

So here I am, writing about the news inside the company to you, posting on Facebook or Instagram and working on articles with Australian magazines. Off the clock, you can spot me rock-climbing or hiking through the wilderness.”

matty in wilderness

How do you like our new minimalist design based on organic shapes and forms? Is there anything that we should add to answer some of your questions?


About Matyas

Happiness comes when you get out of your comfort zone. That's why I am passionate about travelling. And while travelling, I found two things; that we must seriously protect nature and that one simply needs a place he can call home. Combine those two statements and you will understand why I choose to be part of a company innovating the way we live, trying to communicate the importance of our mission with the whole world.

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