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a happy, healthy home

Ecokit is a versatile, modular, prefab, energy efficient home with up to 60% faster construction, minimal operating costs and positive environmental impact.

Powered by imagination. Inspired by innovation.

A cool alternative to conventional constructions, remarkable for its nonconformist architecture and bright, healthy indoor environment.

The modular house is designed to take advantage of renewable energy sources (solar energy, hydroelectricity, etc.) – to be kind to our environment and your pocket – imagine a life without energy bills!

This premium, organic home connects the concept of comfort and coziness with the functionality of a modern, ecological, elegant home.



You deserve better!

Most of our life revolves in or around our home. We believe that our homes should be remarkably different than the current standard. A sustainable life is not just about energy efficiency but is also about our time, our health, and our finances.


Freedom to create, customise and adapt to a changing lifestyle

This modular, prefab kit of parts lets you design your home to suit the way you want to live. It gives you the freedom to create a unique space, tailored to this very moment in your life and allows you to change it according to your needs.


Our home should be a healthy living environment

Ecokit provides fresh clean air and water, carefully limits potential pollutants during construction and most materials can be reused or recycled at the end of their life. We go the extra mile to make ecokit homes a healthy environment for you & your family.


Engineered into a kit of prefabricated parts for simple & fast construction

A home that meets the needs of your lifestyle does not have to be built by a developer. You can build a home that looks a million bucks with its contemporary open plan living, minimalist design and hi-tech features.


Embracing the technology

Technology is now part of our daily lives and we don’t shy away from it. From the energy efficient solar panels and optional self-sufficient, off grid package, to the latest in mechanical ventilation with heat recovery, ecokit is a house that leverages technology to make your life just a bit easier, healthier and more enjoyable.

Ecokit is one of the most innovative housing solutions on the market today

It allows you to create a comfortable and healthy home that is easily customised according to your needs. It can be simply modified with your changing lifestyle. Ecokit embraces innovation and technology to provide healthy spaces surrounded by a warm and most eco-friendly building material – wood. Completely powered by the sun, modular, responsive and flexible in design, a construction with zero environmental impact.
It’s a home for today and for the future.


Beautiful, architecturally designed livable spaces filled with light, crafted details and functional elements.


Designed to minimise your carbon footprint & environmental impact with the possibility of complete self sufficiency.


Durable, the highest quality, long lasting materials & flexible to your needs – a true once in a lifetime investment.

Ready for the future

The Best Materials. Handcrafted. Zero Compromises.


After extensive research we have opted for a roof tile. The system we have chosen increases speed of installation, requiring less man-hours saving you money and time. And for the tech savvy – the PV system & even the hot water system can be part of the roof, too!

Large windows

Windows are important in any house but especially in a small one. Letting the light in makes the space look bright and airy. And the view of the surrounding landscape framed by large windows from the comfort of your home just doesn’t get any better.

Corner glass door

You don’t want to see the world from inside the house all the time. Open the doors and let the nature in anytime. With full glass wall and large folding/sliding door you can be part of it, feeling it, sensing it, living in it. And that’s the unique experience you want it to be.

Walls, roof & floor

All are acoustic and thermally insulated to create an airtight envelope. Your home will be cozy no matter what the temperature outside. We use a glass wool made out of recycled beer bottles, with no nasty chemicals added. All panels are manufactured out of the highest quality, sustainable materials.

The structure

The structural frame of an ecokit home is made from engineered wood which is made out of wood waste! It is very strong and resistant. The components are prefabricated and with our instructions easy to assemble, completely without the need of a crane.

Covered deck

An outdoor area is an important addition to any house, especially in our climate. We have extended the home with a large deck, opened to the north and west or east, shaded by a roof overhang to protect you from the harsh summer sun but letting the warm rays into the house during winter.

Vertical garden

Having fresh veggies, herbs or fruit on your doorstep is not just a dream with ecokit. Grow your own produce all year round with our vertical garden!

The gallery is one of ecokit's features

All lights throughout the house are LED to save energy, money and the environment.

Open shelving

Shelving instead of full top cupboards gives the room more space to breathe – and you will enjoy the comfort of easily reaching for anything without searching through multiple cupboards. It also looks neater and more organised. We love it!


Sufficient space to store all your pots & pans, appliances and anything else you don’t want or need on your bench top. The look can be easily customised with your own choice of doors & handles.

Work space

It might be a small kitchen but with a few smart features we can offer more than enough bench space. And the open layout easily lets multiple people prepare and cook a meal together.

Dining area

Your dining table is one of the most important features of your home. It can be multi-functional, used as a working desk or just to have your meal while enjoying the spectacular landscape outside.

The floor

There are multiple options to choose from. We recommend under floor heating combined with a ceramic tile or bamboo floating floor. It keeps your toes nice & toasty and it’s easy to maintain!


We chose a white colour, giving the space a bright and airy feel. All paint is VOC free and no, you don’t have to stick with white – we have a whole palette for the adventurous. It’s your home, after all.


We recommend a bamboo floating floor. Bamboo is a sustainable product that is aesthetic and very durable. It is also economical. For the trend setters we have a choice of wooden floors – nothing like you have seen before!

Sliding door

Let the outdoors in! The large sliding doors open to your backyard and covered porch, creating a seamless indoor/outdoor area that can be enjoyed all year round.

Made to relax

The living space is designed to be multi-functional; it allows you to relax and work from home, or to enjoy a movie marathon with friends in front of the TV.

High ceiling

A high ceiling and large windows create a lightweight, bright vibe that invites the outdoors in.

Shower & tap ware

All shower heads and taps we recommend are tested and are water-saving products that will decrease your water consumption but still allow for a satisfying shower.

Bath tub

Working within a small space requires finding a smart way to utilise the room correctly. We have come up with a layout that allows you to have a luxury of a bath tub. Not a fan of long baths? Have a roomy shower then. Anything is possible to customise in ecokit.


We can supply all your vanities or recommend the most suitable ones in a style (and price range) that suits you.

Heated floor

A heated floor is not a luxury anymore. It is affordable and once you try it, you won’t go back. No more cold feet from freezing floor tiles after a hot shower!

Multi functional

The central open space allows you to circulate through cooking, eating, entertaining, and relaxing in a seamless flow.

The floor

There are multiple options to choose from. We recommend under floor heating combined with a ceramic tile or bamboo floating floor. It keeps your toes nice & toasty and it’s easy to maintain!

Sliding door

Let the outdoors in! The large sliding doors open to your backyard and covered porch, creating a seamless indoor/outdoor area that can be enjoyed all year round.

ecokit bedroom
Roof windows

Smart, energy efficient Velux roof windows will ensure an optimal airflow during hot nights but won’t allow heat loss in winter. Plus, they look so awesome!

The floor

There are multiple options to choose from. We recommend under floor heating combined with a bamboo floating floor. Place a nice fluffy rug on top and you’ll feel like you are on cloud nine.

Bright & airy

Lots of natural light is important for our wellbeing. Fresh air, with a careful selection of non off-gasing materials provide a healthy, clean environment, day or night.

The gallery is one of ecokit's features
The ground floor version comes with a versatile storage loft that can be anything you want it to be. If you plan to have friends over now and then, create a cosy sleep out or use it as a storage for all your seasonal gear! The two storey version offers a full ceiling height, habitable space. Add more bedrooms or if you need a creative space to work, make it your very own craft room.

Bring the outside in with our large gable windows. Double glazed, energy efficient windows will bring natural light in and keep the cold outside. Thanks to smart shading, they won’t allow the heat in during summer, either.

Let's start the adventure

You can create a home without compromise, one that expresses your personality with your own touches and finishes exactly the way you want them.

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